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Client Service Charter

State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) is a public parastatal under the Ministry of Minerals established by the Public Corporation Act Cap 257 through the Corporation Establishment Order No. 163 of 1972 as amended in 2015.

From its inception, STAMICO was a holding Corporation starting with five subsidiary companies which earlier had been under the oversight of the National Development Corporation. Consequent to major economic policy reforms in the late 1980s through early 1990s, the Public Corporations Act, 1969 was overhauled. A new Public Corporations Act, 1992 was enacted which stripped off ownership of subsidiary companies from public holding Corporations, STAMICO inclusively.

The implementation of Government decision to revive STAMICO was started in June 2014 with new structure and staff. In order to provide assurance that the Corporation will deliver the necessary services to its customers as expected, the Corporation has prepared a Client Service Charter which outlines the activities to be performed by the Corporation. The Client Service Charter is a “Social Pact” between the Corporation as a service provider and its clients as service recipients. It specifies the standards of service delivery which users have a right to expect from the service provider.

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