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Health, Safety and Environment

Our Commitment

STAMICO is committed to acting in a responsible manner that will ensure delivery of safe, productive and environmentally sustainable operations as a result of our mining activities, contract drilling services, geological and mining technical services as well as our mineral products.

Our Motivation

Is to continuously maintain and promote positive health, safe and environment culture throughout our operations while serving the best interests of our stakeholders including shareholders, oversight bodies, community (local and international), employees, subsidiaries, joint-venture partners, suppliers and contractors.

Our Approach

For us, no work is such important to override the safety and well-being of our workers, contractors nor the integrity of the project’s surrounding communities. Our motto is to “work in risk free environment”. We continue acting responsibly in rectifying conditions that may endanger well-being and environment of the project’s surrounding communities. Our Corporate Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy provide guiding principles towards achieving our strategic health, safety and environmental objectives.  At the moment, we are developing Environmental Management System in accordance to ISO 14001:2015 that is aimed at controlling environmental risks from our operations and continually improve our environmental performances.

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