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Investment Projects

STAMICO welcomes potential investors in the field of mineral exploration for Potential partnerships at the mineral of their interests through acquiring grounds (Prospecting Licences) and developing the Licences to mineral resources/reserves.

Current available Licence for JV

Buhemba gold project: This project is an advanced stage project that was an operating mine prior to year 2007.Partnership is required to develop the hard rock mineral resource addition through intensive drilling and operate the mine. Drilling targets have been identified. Approximately 400-600KoZ of gold resources are available in hard rock. This amount may be doubled through resource drilling. Please contact STAMICO for further details.

Please contact us for further information:

Managing Director
State Mining Corporation,
Plot No: 417/418 United Nations Road
P.O. Box 4958,
Dar es Salaam,
Tel: +255 22 2150029
E-mail:  info@stamico.co.tz

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