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Objectives and Functions


These are targets of the Corporation which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

1. To increase investment in the mining industry and promote corporate services and image;
2. Increase provision of exploration and drilling services as a tool to identify prospective areas for mining and income generation;
3. Transform artisanal and small scale mining into a well-organized, mechanized, productive and environmentally responsive subsector;
4. Strengthen financial resources management and support services;
5. Improve human resource management and administration; and
6. Addressing the cross cutting issues, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS pandemic, environmental conservation, and gender mainstreaming in the mining activities.


1. To oversee Government interests in large scale mines;
2. To invest in the mining sector through mineral exploration and prospecting, development and operation of mines and mineral trading;
3. To carry out commercial services in the mineral and other related sectors such as drilling, exploration and consultancy services; and
4. To coordinate the transformation of artisanal and small scale mining into regulated, environmentally friendly, safe, productive and sustainable operations.


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