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What we Do…

In order to meet its vision and achieve its mission, STAMICO was given a mandate to develop mining Industry in Tanzania, which when accomplished, will allow it to meet the service requirements of its stakeholders and customers. These functions are:-

  • Acquire by agreement and hold interests in any undertaking associated with exploration, prospecting and mining of minerals;
  • Acquire mineral rights and conduct or engage in mineral prospecting and mining operations;
  • Carry out consultancy services, contract works, feasibility studies and environmental studies in accordance with relevant laws;
  • Establish corporate entities or firms for the purposes of carrying out projects or engaging in mining of, prospecting, refining, grading, producing, cutting, processing, buying or selling or marketing of minerals whether alone or in joint venture with strategic partners;
  • Participate in any stock market;
  • Promote, facilitate or support transformation of artisanal and small scale mining into well organised mining;
  • Deal, or lease out exploration, drilling, mining equipment and machinery;
  • Import, export, manufacture and maintain mining equipment and machinery;
  • Manage affairs of the Corporation, company, firm or other body whose interest are transferred to or acquired by the Corporation; and
  • Carry on its business, operations and activities either within the country or elsewhere whether as principal agent, contractor or otherwise.

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