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Who we Are…

State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) is a wholly-owned Government enterprise established in 1972 under the Public Corporations Act, 1969. STAMICO was restructured in 2015 through the Public Corporations (State Mining Corporation) (Establishment) (Amendment) Order, 2015 dated 05th March 2015.

To be a world class investor in the mining industry to contribute significantly to sustainable National development.

Invest strategically in the mining industry, and provides quality technical services in partnership with private sector to accelerate industrialization in Tanzania.

Mineral resources stimulus for industrialization of Tanzania

STAMICO strives to be an agent for change through innovation

The Corporation has four core values that bind and guide the behavior of employees of the Corporation at all levels. The values describe the culture of the workplace, ensuring that all employees and customers of the Corporation have a common understanding of how they will be treated and what is expected from them. The core values include:-

  • Team Work
    • We are committed to mutual trust, respect and visionary leadership.
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Results Driven

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