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State Mining Corporation

Coal Trade

Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. It holds a Special Mining License (SML-233/2005) within the Ivogo Ridge and Prospecting License (PL-9963/2014) at Kabulo Ridge. The project is within Songwe-Kiwira coalfield which is situated 100km South of Mbeya City.

Location of Songwe-Kiwira coalfield Project, 100km South of Mbeya City.

The most recent feasibility study for coal to power generation reveals coal resources of about 85 million tonnes available at Ivogo and Kabulo ridges within the Kiwira Coal Fields capable for sustaining coal fired power of up to 400MW with minimum life span of more than 40 years and also supply coal to manufacturing industries and other customers.

Our Coal quality (Ultimate Analysis) is as follows:-

1. Calorific value range – 5,000 kcal/kg – 6,200 kcal/kg

2. Ash content range – 18% - 30%

3. Average Ash content – 25%

4. Inherent Moisture – less than 3%

5. Volatile matter – 15% - 30%

6. Fixed carbon – By difference

7. Sulfur – less 1 %

STAMICO coal sells is grouped into two main products Run of Mine (ROM) and processed coal. ROM coal, a product that is sold direct to customer from a mine, has particle distribution size 0 – 450 mm. For a processed product is highly sorted to remove impurities and sieved into the following particle distribution sizes including:-

1. 0 mm – 10 mm

2. 0 mm – 30 mm

3. 0 mm – 50 mm

4. 0 mm – 75 mm

5. 10 mm – 30 mm

6. 10 mm – 50 mm

7. 30 mm – 75 mm

Coal loading procedure; for ROM coal, it is mainly loaded by using a wheel loader while for processed coal it is through conveyor belt in which a chute directs coal into a vehicle. There is also a certified weighbridge installed at our place that trucks are loaded to a required tonnage and confirmed.